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Jacob series

This Rehab Robot, which realize both of pre-gait training and gait training, is one of paraplegia rehabilitation robots and reads medical characteristics of paraplegia patient caused by stroke(traumatic brain injury) ergonomically. Exercise of soma and strengthening muscle of lower body are more highlighted from robot 1 ; an intensified robot for initial patients who need strengthening of soma movement and muscle of lower body

Product groupof Jacob series


  • Jacob1 : Standing tilt table contacted to a front part
  • Jacob 2-1, 2 : Jacob 1 + balance training or muscle strengthening module
  • Jacob3 : Jacob 2 + foot plate walking training module
  • Jacob4 : Jacob 2 + elliptical walking training module

 Curative Effacement

  • Strengthening muscle of soma
  • Strengthening static and kinetic stability of soma
  • Strengthening muscle of affected side of lower body
  • Improvement of weight transferability and supportability


Detachable structure considering patient’s medical features: Piggyback posture (Snug fit)

  • Attachment is completed with only getting in wheelchair
  • Safe and comfortable support through piggyback posture
  • Supporter has double effect as a center structure of rehabilitation training

Adjusting standing degree and front inclination based on patient’s status.

It is possible to conduct simple treatment simultaneously by installing lap board on the upper section.

It is possible to conduct more in-depth rehabilitation medical treatment(Jacob 2, 3 series) by mounting lower limb muscle strengthening module, balance training module and walking module as necessary.

 How to Use

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