Type of Dr.Kim’s Robot
Dr. Kim's Robot

SU-01 Philip 1

This Rehab Robot, which realize both of pre-gait training and gait training, is one of upper limbs rehabilitation robots and reads medical characteristics of upper limb paralysis patient caused by stroke(traumatic brain injury) ergonomically.

 Curative Effacement 

  • Strengthening circuit of sense-motor
  • Promotion of neuroplasticity recovery
  • Strengthening muscle of upper limbs and improving muscle controlling ability ability


Detachable structure considering patient’s medical features

  • Attachment is completed with only wearing below elbow of upper limbs; comfortable and safe support
  • Supporter has double effect as a center structure of rehabilitation training

Treatment for patients in varying clinical status is available, combined with actual treatment technique

  • passively, actively support. Training mode of active-resistant

Motivate patients through game contents

  • Difficulty control is available according to the medical status of patients

Motivating patients by using game contents

  • Controlling difficulty based on patients’ condition
  • It enables evaluation on patient’s clinical status due to mounting evaluation mode
  • Analysis on medical treatment result and providing the data
  • Connected to patient integration management system – One-to-one customized prescription for rehabilitation medical treatment

Rehabilitation mode accorded with patient’s medical status

Patient’s medical status
Upper limbs: Motion not available
Hands: Motion not available
Upper limbs: Motion available
Hands: Motion not available
Upper limbs: Motion available
hands: Motion available
Passive mode
Supported active mode
Active-resistant mode